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A Little Bit On Content

Hello and a huge welcome from Pottstown Business Internet Experts.

As an agency who offer digital marketing consultations to small businesses on a daily basis, we have a wealth of experience in building excellent solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries.

We were recently discussing some of the ways we could have more of a voice and benefit not just our clients but also colleagues and those interested in building on their own SEO and marketing skills and that’s when this site was born!

We will be using the site to explore some of the most valuable tools for driving online traffic and building sites with a real online presence and expect to delve into some fantastic and adaptable tools and guides to help others achieve the rankings and standards they strive for on their own websites.

To start us off then, most of us will have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and it is no exaggeration.

Getting your site content right can make a huge impact on the way your website performs and the amount of traffic it receives.

It makes perfect sense then to consider auditing your sites current content as part of the early stages of your strategy.

You will need to have done some groundwork and plenty of research on; your competitors, knowing your audience and building up keywords and terms before you get started on your audit as this will help you keep your eyes on the prize throughout the audit process.

aHrefs are providers of some of the most useful SEO tools out there at the moment so their advice can really be counted on when it comes to getting your content right.

Here is their step by step guide to Increasing your organic traffic through completing an audit of your content …