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Green Team

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About the Green Team

The NARI-BIE Green Team is a compass providing educational and informational resources for members and the community about environmentally benign and socially responsible solutions for today and the future. We will actively seek ways to ensure our members continue to make a profit, while not negatively impacting the planet or the people involved in producing their products or services.

Join the Green Team

There is a separate application and, if accepted, $100 annual dues (in addition to NARI-BIE dues) to participate in the NARI-BIE’s Green Team. You must be a current NARI-BIE member (or apply and be approved for membership) to be considered.

Download and print our NARI-BIE Green Team Application by clicking here.

NARI-BIE Green Team Members

Gehman Custom Remodeling (PA000297)
Design and Build Contractor

J.O.B. Design & Construction Co., Inc. (PA005175 / NJ#13VH05323300)
Design and Build Contractor
Solar Contractor


Oehlert Bros., Inc. (PA003138)
HVAC Contractor


Whitegate Contracting Company (PA001214)
Design and Build Contractor

Recycling Contacts

  • Pennsylvania Recycling Hotline: 800-346-4242